3 réponses à En 2013, à Marseille, une formation vers l’art chorégraphique pour médiateurs et travailleurs socio-éducatifs.

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    LOL! I don't think you missed a thing on totes!!! Like your ideas. I have a denim tote from Old Navy. Thought maybe to paint splatter it or soak bottom part in bleach. We'll see, this time of the year is so busy, don't know if I get to this project yet. xxmaya

  • Marketing is not sleazy and it isn’t sales. It is connecting with people. I’m so glad you are taking that approach. I’m also happy to hear you’re teaching you class for realsies! If we can’t connect with people, we can’t help them and isn’t what we do all about helping people?* I’ll forgive you the extra 40 words this time.

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